Our Story

Tree Pillows

Tree Pillows were created in the heart of the wine region of Sonoma County, California, an area widely known for its’ fine wines, and more recently for its’ creative and innovative organic farming community. Created for professional gardeners and home gardeners alike, Tree Pillows offer easy and effective ways to apply compost and fertilizers to organic vegetable and flower gardens.

The Tree Pillow concept was born on a windy fall afternoon when efforts to keep loose compost in place proved to be a challenge. The need for an easier way to apply and retain plant top dressing was apparent.

Jute burlap, widely used in the gardening world for its water retention and weed control capabilities, quickly became the natural choice of material for the Tree Pillow. After much research, it was determined that only food grade or RBO* jute burlap cloth would be appropriate for these new products.

Initial installations within our own home garden proved successful and the response from many in the landscape and gardening business were very positive.

With the recent organic registration for the Tree Pillow products from the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Organic Input Material program (CDFA/OIM), we are pleased to introduce Tree Pillows to the organic gardening world.

Some benefits to using TreePillows:

  • Lower water usage
  • Helps prevent evaporation
  • Easy to use and easy to construct a gardening area
  • Compost or potting soil is contained in smaller area, so plant roots concentrate water and fertilizer usage
  • Use less compost or potting soil then traditional pots or growing inground
  • Use less fertilizer as the plant root are concentrated in smaller area
  • Less weeding as watering and fertilizer is concentrated in a smaller area


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