Organic Tree Pillows are hand sewn using food grade or RBO jute burlap, organic certified cotton sewing threads and natural hemp twines.

Not all jute burlap is considered appropriate for organic registration and/or for use within food producing gardens. For this reason, Tree Pillow products use food grade jute burlap that is processed using vegetable oil, also referred to as RBO or rice bran oil.

Jute burlap is produced from Jute plants, which produce very rigid and abrasive fibers. To increase fiber workability and reduce ware on weaving equipment, the jute fibers are treated with lubricants. The most commonly used commercial grade burlap is treated with a petroleum hydrocarbon lubricant, referred to as “jute batching oil” or JBO. Fabric produced using JBO lubricant display a distinct hydrocarbon or kerosene aroma. The presence of this petroleum byproduct on the burlap fibers produces a jute burlap fabric that is not considered organic, and thus not appropriate for Tree Pillow products.

Tree Pillow products utilize food grade or RBO jute burlap that is produced using vegetable oil lubricants, such as “rice bran oil” or RBO. The distinct hydrocarbon or kerosene aroma is not present with this fabric, an indication of its organic origins and its appropriate application within organic gardens and other food producing areas.