User Submitted Review:

“We love the product and think it’s amazing for people who have small/limited space. Not only is it neat and clean, you don’t have to worry about soil erosion or weed growth.  Also, it can be dragged or picked up easily to move when growing in shady areas or areas with inconsistent sunlight, or if an area has bug problems.  ”

“We will definitely recommend to others and look forward to seeing more and more how convenient your product is for us. “

— Greg

User Submitted Review:

“We’ve installed Tree Pillows around the trees in our front yard landscaping.  We mixed a time release fertilizer into the compost prior to filling the pillows and began using the drip irrigation system to water and feed the Meyer Lemon and Crepe Myrtle trees.  The tree pillows hold the mulch in place around the tress as well as keep the soil moist and provide a constant supply of nutrients.  Now the trees are a vivid green and appear to be very healthy.

What a great idea!

Out next step is to use several other  Pillow products to plant late harvest vegetables and some borders of colorful fall flowers.”

— Roger A. Lueck